What’s in a Domain?

Website Domains

Terms To Know Before You Read This Article

Domain: the address of your website on the internet
Domain Registrar: a company online that manage the reservation of domains
Search Engine Optimization: the process of optimizing a website to compete for a higher position in search engine ranking positions

Choose Your Domain Wisely

Be sure to choose a domain that accurately represents your business, aligns with your search engine optimization goals, and is user-friendly.

Ideally, you’d buy the exact domain that matches your business name, but in several situations that may not be possible, so you’ll have to use something else that closely matches.

You may be thinking of all those oddly named companies that are huge, but their name has nothing to do with their product or services. Rest assured they spent a lot of money in both offline and online advertising to create brand recognition. As a small business you need to make the most of your marketing investments so stick to a name that represents what you provide.

It is also important when picking out a domain to factor in how that could affect your search engine optimization since having targeted high-volume keywords directly in your URL could signal to Google that your site is relevant to what the searcher wants. A client of one of our business associates spent thousands of dollars to buy a premium domain and said it felt very risky at the time. In the end it was one of the best decisions they ever made as it opened up their online business to a huge audience since the domain was so targeted and keyword friendly. It was a huge success.

Lastly, picking out a domain that is easy for people to remember and type into the address bar can be a great way to kick off a great user experience.

Pro Tips

  • As the business owner you should have total control over your domain, meaning it is registered in your name with your information, not another person or company.
  • When going through the checkout process for a domain registration, purchase domain privacy, it’s cheap, and keeps your information private.
  • Make sure your domain is locked at your registrar to be better protected from unauthorized changes or transfers of your domain.
  • If you receive paper mail about registering or renewing a domain, it is typically a scam.
  • If you have a great business idea don’t wait to purchase your domain, especially if the domain is very cheap. Buy it now and definitely try to purchase the .com version of the domain if at all possible. This is the only situation where it’s reasonable to jump ahead in the digital marketing process since domain registration can be very inexpensive but it can be detrimental if someone else scoops up the domain you need before you get around to it.

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