Deciding on a Company and Domain Name

We get asked frequently, “What should my company name and domain name be”?

Most of the time people have a basic idea of what they are wanting but need help with honing in and deciding on what will be most effective.

There are several things to take into consideration but for this article we will be focusing on 5 that we feel are some of the strongest.

How To Choose Your Company Name

#1 – Keep it simple

Your company name should be clear, precise, and accurately reflect who you are as a business. Only use the most essential words. No extra fluff here.

#2 – Keep it true

You will inevitably share your company name with several people over the course of your lifetime. Though it may take some time to warm up to a name, it’s important that you ultimately feel very comfortable and proud of your company name when you say it. If the name doesn’t work for you then it may not come across so well when you share it and may make it difficult for others to connect with.

#3 – Keep it relevant, yet elastic

Your customers will need to have a clear idea of what you do by your company name but be careful to think ahead and not lock yourself into one particular service or product with your name. We decided on Toohill Consulting as our company name for several reasons but one of the main was that it was broad enough to encompass several services, something looking back has proven to be a very good decision.

#4 – Keep it consistent

If at all possible have your company name and domain name be the same. We don’t want there to be any confusion by customers when they search for you online. This won’t always be possible for various reasons but is preferred for consistent branding purposes. You can read more thoughts from us about website domains here.

#5 – Keep it SEO friendly

The words you use in your domain name will be a strong contributing factor in how Google and other search engines decide to position you in their results. Therefore keeping SEO goals in mind is important when determining your name. Don’t let this completely dictate your decision since you ultimately should be catering to people rather than Google, but on the flip side don’t ignore this especially when the stakes and competition are so high on search engines.

Is it possible to take all these factors into successful consideration? Yes! Will it be a challenge? Absolutely! Will you have to compromise on a few points? Possibly! This decision will take time since it is one of the most important foundational decisions for your business.