Website Development

website development

Front-End Website Development

  • We convert designs into clean semantic html, css, and javascript markup that loads fast and is search engine friendly.
  • We utilize advanced responsive frameworks that offer accessibility, readability, flexibility, and customization.
  • We focus on making your website look and function great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • We use modern development tools that help us work efficiently, in a team environment, and that make our code deployments to repositories and environments faster.
front-end website development

WordPress Development

We love creating websites with the WordPress content management system.

Custom WordPress Themes – We take html, css, and javascript code and convert it into dynamic php templates that meet coding standards and follow along with best practices for WordPress theme development. We only add plugins to your site that are consistently maintained, have solid reviews, and provide reliable support. Each site includes the following features:

WordPress design and development
  • High Speed Loading
  • When you work with us you won’t get the extra fluff that typically weighs down most sites that use pre-built WordPress themes or bloated page builder plugins.
  • Easy to Use
  • We focus a great deal of time on making your website content easy to update so that even non-technical users can easily manage it.
  • Enhanced Security
  • We implement WordPress security best practices and employ additional security measures on top for extra protection. We only recommend web hosting that has a proven track record of security, support, and performance.
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • We install and configure our recommended SEO plugin for WordPress so that important things like title and description tags can be easily implemented along with a suite of technical controls that help with fine tuning optimizations.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Your website will look great across modern devices and screen sizes for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Training
  • We offer personalized training to help you get familiar with how to use your new site.