Nonprofit Website Giveaway

At Toohill Consulting, we desire to give back to our local community. In 2022 we are taking action by giving away a free 5-10 page website to a local nonprofit in Bloomington, Indiana who offers their services to children, youth, and/or families.

Giveaway Details

All contest registrations will be reviewed and a winner will be selected the week of December 6th. Registrants who complete all the registration form fields with clear and compelling information will be more strongly considered to receive the free website service. It is at Toohill Consulting’s discretion who will be awarded with this free service. Answers to frequently asked questions are below. To be eligible, the nonprofit must:

  • be actively offering services to children, youth, and/or families within the Bloomington, Indiana community
  • have an active 501c3 registration
  • submit a registration form by December 3rd
  • have a dedicated individual on their team who can liaison with us during the course of the website build out, providing input and responses within a 3-5 day timeframe during the course of the project
  • agree to complete the project with us during an agreed upon 2-4 month window during 2022

We are excited to announce that Artisan Alley is the winner of our 2022 contest!


The winner will receive a 5-10 page website that includes the following services: website strategy, website design, and website development.

Logo design and content creation are not included in this giveaway. However, we will help point you in a good direction on these items.

Yes, the nonprofit will be required to purchase, if they haven’t already, the following: a domain name, a web hosting account (both paid to third party providers, not to Toohill Consulting).

You will have the option to manage the website yourself or hire someone, such as ourselves, to help with this. It is entirely up to you.