Plugins I pay to use and why

Plugins I pay to use and why

I wanted to share with you the Plugins I pay to use and why they are so helpful!

You should know upfront that I am currently not being paid to talk about these plugins and my links in this article are not affiliate links.

When I first started developing WordPress sites I typically would choose the free plugins over the paid ones.  But, the longer I’ve been working with WordPress, and taken on more projects, the more I’ve switched my preference to paid over free.

As a WordPress developer I find it gives me and my clients more peace of mind when we use plugins that offer support.  If anything goes wrong with the plugins we purchase we just reach out to support. Typically we get helpful responses within 24-48 hours.  If you use free plugins you may get the same turnaround time on support questions but in many cases you could be looking at a full week or month before you hear anything.

Some Of Our Favorite Plugins

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Why: Using the free version of ACF is great but when you need to build better back end interfaces for your clients to make them super easy to manage you need this plugin.  With it you get the repeater field, the flexible content field, the gallery field, and the ability to create your own options pages.  This is a must have!

Gravity Forms

Why: This plugin makes it SUPER simple to setup forms of almost every type on your website, easily integrates with many third parties for additional functionality, and is being actively developed and maintained.  Maybe 1 time a year I actually have to reach out to support for help and when I do they are incredibly helpful. Plus, if you work with a developer such as myself you get access to all the advanced addons with extended functionality.

iThemes Security Pro

Why: I like this plugin because it gives me and my clients better peace of mind knowing that their investment is actively being protected. They are always releasing updates to better protect WordPress sites and make it more difficult for intrusion.  The interface is easy to use and makes it simple to get started. If you don’t have a plan to keep your WordPress site safe then you’re headed down a slippery slope.

Events Calendar Pro

Why: Need an events plugin that you know will be solid and well maintained?How about extra functionality and deeper third party integrations?  This is my top recommendation.  The authors, Modern Tribe, produce great code that is well maintained, supported, and actively being developed.

I hope this has been helpful and saves you time when looking for your next plugin.

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