My favorite plugin and why

My favorite plugin and why

My absolute favorite plugin of all time is Advanced Custom Fields.  It is authored by a Melbourne based web developer named Elliot Condon.

It is available for free on the WordPress plugin repository over here: visit plugin site

This plugins allows you to take full control of your edit screens and custom field data in the WordPress dashboard.  Once you install it you can create a field group, add your fields and location rules, and you’re ready to input your data.

There are around 20 different field types for use.  Some are free while others are premium.

What makes this plugin so awesome is the following:

  • Easily extend WordPress to be what your client needs it to be
  • Super helpful documentation with code examples
  • Pro addons that give you even more options to extend and take WordPress to the extreme
  • Public addons for even more functionality
  • Great support faq, forums, and tickets
  • Used widely so there is a large community of support to pull on

I used ACF for a few years before I discovered the Pro version.  Once I found the Pro version I became a die hard lifer of this plugin.  It is absolutely essential for almost every project I work on!

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